Case Study:

Outback Steakhouse, Bradendon, Florida



Larry Roushia, Manager of the Outback Steakhouse, was at his wit's end dealing with clogged drains resulting in expensive plumbing repair bills. The blockages were causing bad smells and unhygienic conditions; not good for a restaurant business and the ongoing plumbing bills were having a direct result on his bottom line.


The first phase was the cleaning of all the waste pipes and drains with specialised water-jet hoses. This was followed by an examination of the grease trap, floor drain covers and sinks. A video camera was also used to check the insides of the pipes for physical obstructions. BioClear Solutions' automatic pumped injection systems were then installed beneath the sinks and counters to inject the bacteria into the pipework 12 times a day. Every fortnight, service technicians return to inspect the grease trap, refill the injection system and manage the drainage system.

"They've really come through for us," said Larry Roushia. "I think they offer a great service. All of the Outback Steakhouses now use them as well as Carraba, our Italian restaurant." (Information taken from Nation's Restaurant News, Vol36, No 21 - May 27, 2002)

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