Case Study:

The Bell Motel



The Bell Motel is privately owned and situated in the village of Coldicote, three miles Northeast of Welwyn in Hertfordshire. The hotel was formerly an old coaching inn and is renowned for its first class service and good food, served in both the restaurant and lounge bar. The facilities also include 25 well-appointed bungalow-style chalets with bathroom, toilet and en-suite shower.

These recent additions to the development have built on sloping land and incorporate a modern drainage system, while the older building relies on an antiquated system.


Like many other hotels in the UK, The Bell has experienced significant problems with blockages in drain and waste pipelines due to the extensive amount of fats, oils grease and gelatine that find their way into the system. This has been exacerbated by new chalet's waste system discharging into the older drainage network. Frequent blockages occurred.

Desmond Carver, Site Manager at The Bell commented:

"The situation was becoming intolerable. We were spending between £500 and £1,000 every time we called out a contractor to clear the drains. This could be as frequent as every two months. Although this was effective, all it actually did was alleviate the problem, not cure it. We had to find a permanent solution."


An expert inspection team and carried out a full survey of all the drain lines at the motel. Using video imaging and dye marking they produced a detailed map of the drain system highlighting the many high-risk areas. They then made a formal presentation to owner and the management team recommending a suitable course of remedial action.

This involved a complete cleaning of the drain system, followed by the installation of BioClear Solutions' automatic pumped injection system that injects live vegetative bacteria into the pipelines 12 times a day. These short-life micro-organisms feed on the problematic fat, sugar, and starch and eventually digest the hydrocarbon-based compounds reducing them to harmless carbon dioxide and water. This eco-friendly process is known as bioremediation.

Every fortnight, service technicians return to inspect the drain lines and refill the injection system.

Desmond Carver says,

"We've had the system installed for the past three months and it is working superbly. The fortnightly visits by Environmental Biotech's technicians ensure that any minor problems are dealt with immediately and we can now run our business without unexpected emergencies and unbudgeted emergency calls."

"The staff have received training from BioClear Solutions to get a better understanding how we manage our waste in the kitchen and we have been advised on simple remedial processes that can also help prevent blockages, such as plastic drain covers that prevent leaves entering the drains in autumn."

"We are absolutely delighted with the services provided by BioClear Solutions and I would not hesitate to recommend them to other hoteliers. We have effectively handed over the management of our drain lines to them, which enables us to concentrate on other important aspects of the business such as ensuring that our clients enjoy their time with us."

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