Case Study:

Wamplers Chicken Processing Facility, North Carolina



Wamplers Chicken processes over 160,000 birds per day, generating approximately 650,000 gallons of wastewater, which flows into two, 4 million gallon aerobic holding ponds. In May 1999 they were faced with an aerobic pond overload and a public outcry from local residents over the resultant offensive odour. The State Authority issued a substantial fine for high levels of biological oxygen demand (BOD), total suspended solids (TSS) and fat, oil and grease (FOG). Consulting engineers recommended that Wamplers dredge the grease solids or build new ponds, at a projected cost of over US$1 million.

Wamplers Pond Before GES® Grease Eradication System
Wamplers Pond after GES® Grease Eradication System


Experts were called in and initiated BioClear Solutions' GES ® Grease Eradication System treatment using live vegetative bacteria. Odors were eliminated within a matter of days and over the next 6 months grease mats were completely eliminated from the ponds. An estimated 10,000 tons of fat, oil and grease were biologically oxidised during the GES ® Grease Eradication System treatment.

(Information taken from a report in Pollution Engineering magazine, July 2001)

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