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Unblock your drains using the power of live bacteria



The largest cause of drain line problems for food service operations are fats, oils, and grease (FOG). Sugar, Flour, and Starch from sources such as rice or potatoes intensify the problem. 65% of blockages are caused from organic waste. The remaining 35% are caused from articles such as mop heads, cleaning rags, bottles, bones, etc. that find their way through floor drains.


The Problem

Because grease and fat float on water they coagulate on the roof and walls of your drain line. Sugar and starch settle on the bottom until it becomes blocked. Foul odors become prevalent, drain flies breed, grease traps or interceptors need frequent cleaning and leach fields choke. Finally, sewage flows and creates pollution, resulting in fines and surcharges.

The Solution

The solution requires a combined preventative approach which stops solids and material entering the drain system, enforces best management practices, and ensures frequent inspections of the complete drain system. Treatment of all lines with live vegetatice bacteria to remediate FOG will keep drain systems running clean and clear. Choose one of the links below to learn more about what we do.


Grease Trap Monitoring Service

Eliminate emergency situations and save on pumping expenses:


Eradication Systems

Our Eradication Systems are scientifically tested as the most effective microbial drain treatments on the market. They are 100% pure live, vegetative bacteria and do not contain soaps, emulsifiers, or chemicals of any kind. They treat the drain line systems to safely consume blockages, turning the problems into carbon dioxide and water. The Eradication Systems will reduce COD, BOD, and TSS in the waste stream. The systems are designed to meter and deliver the perfect amount of bacteria into the drain line so there is no handling requirement by facility personnel. We offer drain line eradication of:


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