Eliminate urinal line buildup and stop backups once and for all.

FlowFresh™ is a product that utilizes specific strains of bacteria which thrive on uric acid crystals. Uric acid crystals (made from protein, calcium, carbon, and other waste particles disposed of by the body) are the fine particles left behind from urine when moisture evaporates. This build up is the main cause of blockages, backups, and associated odors. The bacteria in FlowFresh™ soften and remove uric crystals and mineral build-up on urinals and in drain lines. FlowFresh™ also contains a light fragrance to deodorize the urinals, which reduces the need to have misting aerosols in restrooms.

FlowFresh is systematically drip-fed into pipework to keep drains clear and odor free. Dispensers can either be fitted over the urinal or concealed behind the wall.

For restrooms where our FlowFresh drip system cannot be accommodated, our FlowFresh formula is packaged in a maintenance-free screen. These FlowFresh Urinal Screens work especially well with reduced flow or waterless systems. There is also the added benefit of the urinal screens keeping unwanted solids out of the urinal drains.



  • Prevents urinal drain line blockages
  • Breaks down uric acid buildup in drains
  • Removes mineral buildup on porcelain
  • Deodorizes as it works
  • Stops odor buildup from urinals
  • Allows reduced water use without problems
  • Works with reduced flow or waterless systems




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