Drain Blast ™

The only way to eliminate drain flies at the source.

  • An easy-to-use biological mop water treatment for homes and commercial bars and restaurants.
  • Degrades organic material in cracks, crevices and drain lines.
  • Disrups the habitat that flies require for reproduction.
  • Removes food source for other insects, including cockroaches.
  • Compatible with all floor cleaners - no change of soap required.
  • Once a day treatment - use your regular cleaner for additional cleanings.
  • One tablet per mop bucket - eliminate waste from over-pours.
  • Clean grout in 60 days!



For mopping: At the end of each day, simply drop one tablet into the mop water prepared with water or the soap or cleaner of your choice. Allow 2-3 minutes for the effervescent tablet to dissolve. Mop floor normally focusing on cracks crevices and spaces under equipment. When mopping is completed, pour the mop water into the open floor drains. If possible pour equal amounts of mop water into each drain.

For direct application: Fill a new spray bottle (one litre or more up to 5 litres) with water. Drop in one tablet and allow the effervescent tablet to dissolve. Spray/pour directly into the areas that are not in contact with the mop bucket such as bar drains, sinks and other areas that have cracks and crevices that cannot be cleaned by conventional methods.


For best results:

Do not mix with extreme pH cleaners.

Mix with biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaners.

Do not exceed manufacturers application recommendation for bleach and/or harsh cleaners.

Use DrainBlast at the end of the day. DO NOT rinse after or use anti-microbial products immediately after application.


Active Ingredients:

Bacteria, Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Fumaric Acid

  • Reduces plumbing costs
  • Reduces grease trap maintenance and odour
  • Safe for all types of plumbing
  • Reduces effluent BOD/COD/TSS
  • Easy to use - one tablet per use
  • Great for urinals and drain fly reduction
  • Removes grease build-up on grout
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