Lock-Down Strainers

35% of blockages in a commercial kitchen are caused by non-food related items.


A Lock-Down Strainer will eliminate drain line blockages caused by both food and non-food items that get washed into floor sinks. While other strainers are either permanent or easily removed by anyone, the Lock-Down Strainer can only be removed by maintenance personnel with the appropriate permission and tools. Now you can have the best protection available without sacrificing drain line access.

A Lock-Down Strainer protects drains from unwanted blockages caused by silverware, straws, broken dishes, glass, ramekins, corks, bottle caps, rags, and more.



  • Prevents large, excess food debris from entering the drain line.
  • Stops rags, straws, clothes, and mop strings from entering the drain line.
  • Creates a second tier of protection which isn’t removable by kitchen staff.
  • Stops vermin or birds climbing or nesting into vent stacks.
  • Helps and protects lift stations or pump equipment from failure.
  • Reduces back-ups and the associated remediation costs.



  • Tamper resistant screws prevent unwanted removal of Lock-Down Strainer.
  • Creates a flush fitting making tampering difficult.
  • Available in five standard sizes to fit all drains: 2” reg., 2” small, 3” reg., 3” small, or 4” fittings.
  • Dishwasher safe for hygiene requirements.
  • Quick and easy product installation.


Current Clients

  • Encore Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV
  • Wynn Resorts, Las Vegas, NV
  • Santa Fe Station Casino, Las Vegas, NV
  • Green Valley Ranch, Las Vegas, NV
  • The Cracked Egg, Las Vegas, NV
  • Brookshire Grocery Co., TX
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