Septic Aid™


The Problem

Currently, the incorrect disposal of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) causes 50% of sewer overflows and costs water companies and their customers millions of dollars annualy.


The Solution

Septic Aid™ is a powerful septic system and drain line treatment. Safe for all plumbing systems, Septic Aid is an easy-to-use, effervescent tablet. Simply drop a tablet into the toilet bowl or septic tank once a month to keep systems trouble-free between pumping procedures.

By releasing millions of microbes into the system to replace the bacteria lost to antimicrobial soaps and harsh chemicals, Septic Aid™ digests the excessive grease, fat, protein, and starch, which cause blockages while at the same time reducing unpleasant odors.

Best results are achieved when used in conjunction with a regular septic tank pumping process, the pack of twelve tablets offers a year’s supply to reintroduce bacteria and protect the septic system.

While Septic Aid is not a cure against FOG, it will help to alleviate the worst of it, helping to maintain septic tanks and drain lines against what can only be described as a major environmental problem.


The Benefits

  • Enzyme producing bacteria
  • Easy-to-Use effervescent tablets
  • Digests grease & other wastes
  • Keeps drain lines free flowing
  • Helps protect drain fields
  • Reduces odors
  • Safe for all plumbing
  • Environmentally friendly
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