Total Release Fogger



Vaporize™ is specifically designed to eliminate the toughest smells, including tobacco, garbage, and pet odors. It comes as a single release aerosol or fogger. Simply place the fogger on the floor of the room containing the odor, press the button, and exit for ten minutes. Upon return, the smell is neutralized and the room is left smelling mountain fresh.


The Difference

Vaporize™ works differently from most air fresheners that dispense a perfume into the air to mask unpleasant smells. Its active ingredients are essential oils, such as eucalyptus, which encapsulate the odor particles and render them odorless. One can of Vaporize™ is capable of deodorizing a room up to 30ft x 30ft.


The Benefits

  • Neutralizes bad odor molecules, including tobacco, garbage, pet and cooking odors
  • Great for hotels, restaurants, hospitals and transportation
  • Uses essential oils to encapsulate and eliminate odors instead of just masking them
  • Permanent results
  • Total fogging dispensing system
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