B-Urine Free™


B-Urine Free™ is a sister product to FlowFresh™ designed to digest and break down uric acid crystals. These crystals produce a constant, unpleasant, stale urine odor. In a wet state, uric acid crystals are absorbed into porous surfaces, heavily staining tile areas, flooring, and grouting.

B-Urine Free™ removes urine from spillages that don’t make their way into the urinal or toilet bowl. B-Urine Free™ removes the stains, crystals, and odor associated with urine, leaving a visibly cleaner and fresher environment.



  • Permanently eliminates tough odors and stains like urine, blood, vomit and milk
  • Removes sticky film that collects on bar tops, tables and other surfaces
  • Safe and effective on all surfaces and fabrics
  • Pre-treatment for soiled clothes before washing
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